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The center providing care and home care services (CSIAD) Yad be Yad Arad operates under the Operating License series LF, No. 0005177, from 08.06.2016

Through CSIAD Arad, we offer care and social-medical care services, for the members of the Jewish community in their third age, Holocaust survivors who are unable to ensure their basic and instrumental daily living activities at home.

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The structure of the service

CSIAD Yad be Yad Arad works under CEA-DASM-FCER.


  1. Head of Service / Social Assistant – 1 person
  2. Medical Compartment: – nurse – 1 person
  3. Specialized staff: – housekeeper  – 9 persons

The main activity:

Improving the quality of life of the elderly and their socialization according to the law 17/200, on social assistance for the elderly.

CSIAD Arad currently has 20 clients.

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The services provided at the Center are:

  1. a) Basic care services:

-  personal care services:

– corporal hygene (partial or total toilet, mouthwash, hands and feet care, hairdo, shaving);

– dressing up / undressing;

– nutrition;

– hygiene of droppings;

– mobilization (changing position in bed, bed-chair transfer and vice versa, lying);

– moving inside (in the room, to the toilet, accompanied, with or without means of assistance);

– moving outwards (descending stairs, walking around the house, accompaniment outside the house);

– communication (phone use, bell);

– supervising administration of prescribed medication;

– Simple mobilization exercises

-  domestic and household services:

–  preparation of food and cooking;

–  bed and room hygiene;

–  washing and ironing clothes;

–  housekeeping;

–  payment of current services and obligations;

–  shopping;

–  surveillance and protection;

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  1. b) Social welfare services:

-  case management;

- information services;

- assessing social needs and developing a social intervention plan;

– counseling;

- liaising with other services, institutions; accompanying or representing the beneficiary in various social situations (advocacy);


  1. c) Medical services:

 – direct medical care as recommended by the doctor;

– monitoring physiological parameters;

– administration of injectable drugs;

– wound care;

– other therapeutic maneuvers (glucose measurement with the glucose meter, blood pressure measurement);

  1. d) Physical and mental recovery and rehabilitation services:

– Simple mobilization exercises.

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  1. e) Financial and material assistance

– Granting financial aid in the form of meal vouchers and / or monthly cash help;

– Granting financial aid in the form of holiday vouchers to the beneficiaries;

– Providing cleaning products to all beneficiaries on a quarterly basis;

– Providing nursing products to beneficiaries with a high dependency ratio;

– Giving diapers to all beneficiaries who need it.

 The coordinator of our Home Care Center is Daniel Cristea. 

Phone: 0745230590


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