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Hanukah is a remembrance of the victory of the Maccabees over a larger Syrian army and a miracle that made the oil supply for Menora in the Temple of Jerusalem to last 8 days instead of one. Named the feast of light, it reminds us of the victory of  good over evil, being a leitmotif on the subject “They wanted to kill us, we were few, but we still defeated,” an idea reiterated in the collective memory of the Jewish people.

Thus, according to the tradition of the Jewish communities in Romania, it is celebrated with many distinguished guests from other denominations and ethnicities.

culte si etnii1

In Arad, was decided December 18  to celebrate in the Jewish community, which meant to fire the Menora’s eighth candle.

The evening started with a very short speech in which Ionel Schlesinger, the president of the Jewish Community of Arad, welcomed the participants and spoke little about the holiday. The soulful charging moment of candle lighting and blessing was created by Kinga Naschauer, a young lady who practically grew up in this community.


There followed a concert that created more light, good will and spiritual exaltation, as the crystalline voices of the pupils from Sabin Drăgoi College of Arts in Arad, under the guidance of their teacher, Monica Tebuie, placed the traditional Jewish songs in a very special form. Accompanied at the piano by Professor Dor Niculescu and Ana Maria Joldea at the violin, the students managed to make the participants sing and keep up with them, the music being completed with a playful rhythm created only by the beatings of hands, by a celebrity in Arad, Mrs. Silvia Demian.


The event was attended by members of the Jewish community in Arad, representatives of the cults, members of the German, Serbian and Hungarian communities, Aurel Ardelean, president of the “Vasile Goldiş” University of Arad, professors of both universities, Professor Michael Szelner, leader of the Democratic Forum of Germans in Arad and other personalities of the city.

Margareta Szegő

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