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Photo of the cemetery taken by a drone

The old Neologue cemetery, the largest of the three Jew cemeteries in Arad, preserves the remains of more than ten thousand of our forefathers.
Beyond its spiritual significance, this cemetery, by the extraordinary beauty and diversity of its architectural monuments, is more than a place of collectedness, having valences to become an important tourist attraction of Arad.

In a short historic time, since its first documented mention in 1717 for the acceptance of the first two Jewish families settling in the city until after World War II, when the Jewish population of Arad numbered 12,000 souls, the community has brought an important contribution to the development in all areas of the city.

Aaron Chorin

Along with many anonymous contributors, the cemetery is the resting place for many personalities whose names are inscribed with gratitude in Arad’s historiography. Here lies the famous rabbi and reformer, Aaron Chorin, known throughout Eastern Europe, who had a huge contribution to the integration of Jews into civilian life of the city.

Here are the final resting places of the founders of Neumann Dynasty, whose industrial development of Arad owes a lot, and also of the first president of the chamber of commerce of Arad, of some well known doctors, engineers, architects, merchants, craftsmen, sculptors, lawyers, musicians and journalists.

Currently, our community is numerically low, the average age being of nearly 60 years, with an insignificant number of children and low income possibilities. Under these circumstances, one of our concerns is to leave the posterity the real imagine  of a valuable community, an image to be preserved and cared for with proper respect.

Unfortunately, over time, many tombstones were damaged and require extensive restoration. So are the doorways and fences. On the other hand, given the cemetery specific of garden and park, its maintenance of vegetation requires an ongoing effort.

Because the cemetery has been growing without an initial well structured plan, by the diversely and successively created parcels, orientation and finding specific monuments in the cemetery is particularly difficult. As such, it is necessary to create an information system, an orientation system and afterwards placing the signposts.

At September 18, 2016 an article about the restoration of the Jewish Cemetery in Arad on the Jewish Heritage Europe web page has been published. You can read the article at the following link:

All these works require significant financial resources, which the community lacks. Any donation is welcome for this purpose.
We appeal primarily to those from Arad and their descendants, but also to any other person who cherishes such actions.

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  • hello.
    my name is ariela levani’ i am wrting to you’in regards to my grandfather abrahm wiss i was wondering if you are able to assist me in gaining information about him. i know that he is buried in an orthodox cemetery in arad . also he past away around 1945

    kind regarads
    ariela levani

    • Dear Ariela,

      We are sorry for the late response.
      We have a Jewish orthodox cemetery and the deceased people buried there are cataloged. Unfortunately we do not have any record with your grandfather’s name in our database.
      We do not have a database for the other orthodox cemeteries from Arad.

      The Jewish Community of Arad

  • In primul rand va multumesc pentru efortul depus si pentru initiativa lui Peter Fritz. Am trimis si eu o mica contributie.
    In 2006 am vazut doua registre cu numele mormintelor si am gasit mormantul bunicilor mei. Bazat pe data inmormantarii bunicii mele in 1911 tot caut un act de deces cu speranta ca pot afla mai mult despre parintii ei. Pana acum nu am reusit. As vrea sa stiu daca veti publica lista mormintelor. Poate ma puteti indruma si catre institutia care are acces la actele de deces din 1911. Bunica Szerén Stern, nascuta Schwarcz e inmormantata impreuna cu bunicul meu Mor (Mauritiu) Stern.

  • Buna seara !

    Numele meu este Iosif Kelemen și sunt nepotul lui Eugen Simon.
    Bunicul meu pe linie materna a fost îngropat în cimitirul evreiesc situat la ieșirea din Grădiște.
    Eram mic când bunicul a murit, cred ca 1976-1978.
    As dori, dacă ma puteți ajuta, sa vizitez mormântul bunicului meu.

    Cu respecte:
    Dr. Iosif Kelemen

  • Bună Ziua, va rog ajutorul sa găsesc doua persoane care au fost înmormântate in Arad:

    1. Zoltan Turi, decedat în 1919
    2. Peter Windholz, decedat in 1944 (sau in jurul anului ’44)

    Scriu pentru prieteni din Statele Unite, care vor veni săptămâna viitoare la Arad, și doresc sa viziteze mormintele rudelor. Va rog sa răspundeți la acest post, sau Trimiteți email la carmen1224 arond gmail punct com

    • Bună ziua, despre Peter Windholz v-a scris președintele comunității.
      Iar despre Zoltan Turi am găsit următoarele informații în baza noastră de date:
      Dr. Turi Zoltan
      n. 1883
      d. 06.08.1919
      Cimitir Vechi
      Grupa B
      Rând 21
      Loc 13

    • Hello dear Sir,

      We have found Tropper Mayer, born in 1894, deceased on 1942, August the 22nd, he is buried in the Orthodox Cemetery.
      If you need a photo of the tomb, we can arrange that and send it by email after a 20$ payment via PayPal.


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